Written by Susan K. Lamb

Nalani Quintello comes from a military background and began her music career at an early age. Following her love for music, she performed at local homes for seniors in her hometown. Witnessing first-hand how music has the power to lift a person’s spirits and brighten lives, Nalani felt the call early on to make music her lifelong career. It never crossed her mind it would one day be in the military as a talented musical ambassador for the United States of America!

Nalani, 26 and proudly serving her country in the US Air Force, was born in Germany, moved to Florida when she was eight and grew up bilingual. “I was fortunate to experience different cultures, which helped shape me into the diverse person I am today,” she remarks.

With her US Army veteran dad as her mentor, helper and wise advisor, Nalani began performing at many venues, won all types of singing contests, learned to play guitar, performed at county fairs, the Suwannee River Jam at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park where she also won the largest and oldest country music contest in the nation, the Country Showdown, won the Florida Country Showdown and represented Florida at the Southeastern Regional Texaco Country Showdown. She is also an accomplished songwriter.

In the national spotlight, Nalani became a contestant on American Idol Season 14. As she advanced to the Top 48, an amazing opportunity arose with the US Air Force Premier Rock Band Max Impact she could not pass up! Nalani announced her withdrawal from American Idol, packed her bags and headed off to...eight weeks of grueling US Air Force basic military training before beginning her dream job in the US Air Force! At 19, she became the youngest technical sergeant in the US Air Force! Today, she’s a national and world traveler, as well as the lead female singer for Max Impact! And, she is a real airman who can use, take apart and reassemble an M4 Carbine weapon with ease also!

Nalani has traveled to several countries including Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Germany, performing at various international functions and providing a ‘touch of home’ to troops serving overseas,” she said. "I've had the privilege to strengthen bonds between our allies and form new friendships along the way. Music helps break down social barriers with other nations, especially with the cultural sensitivities in today’s world.”

Nalani’s musical influences are Florida Georgia Line, Shania Twain, Tori Kelly, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. This talented beauty’s voice has been described by some as having a very clear, transparent vocal for today’s mainstream country music, while incorporating a Southern country twang with a blended pop/rock edge.

Nalani finished her Associate Degree at the Community College of the Air Force in 2016. Today she is furthering her education at Berklee College of Music in the online program seeking her bachelor’s degree in music business while traveling across the globe making friends for the USA.

Career Highlights

  • Sang background vocals for upcoming country music star Drake White on Maryland Public Television in 2016
  • Co-wrote hit song, “American Airman,” written to highlight every aspect of what it means to serve as an American Airman in the US military. This song went viral on Facebook, receiving more than 7 million views. It also won first place in the Air Force media contest for “Outstanding Original Pop Song.”
  • Headlined the half-time entertainment for the New York Giants vs Patriots NFL game. Performed requested song, “American Airman,” for 75,000 people in 2015
  • Performed in five different countries including Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates for fellow troops, allies, foreign diplomats and children at international schools, military bases and American Embassies in 2016